It’s Bittersweet.

I hate that I miss you. I really do miss you, I miss our playful banter and even your tongue biting sarcasm. I miss the way we would stay up all night and talk about random BS. I miss how I didn't have to pretend around you. You just came into my life with no … Continue reading It’s Bittersweet.


Imaginations can be cruel too.

Do you ever have that feeling that comes out of nowhere that you can do something totally unexpected.Like when you finish reading a really good book or when you finish watching an amazing movie and then you have this effervescent joy threatening to burst from within you. That feeling is indescribable. It's like you can … Continue reading Imaginations can be cruel too.


I'm tired of strangers telling me how to feelI'm tired of the hypocrisy around meI'm tired of putting a fake smile on my face everydayI'm tired of pretending that I'm okay?When is this excruciating pain going to end?Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?Where is that big happy ending that the whole … Continue reading TIRED


Lately, I've been restless, sad, happy, anxious, depressed and emotional  I couldn't quite figure out what my problem.Then I asked myself  "what are you doing? What are you doing I asked myself again?I looked at the mirror and saw this stranger staring back and me. I was shocked at first but, then I realized that … Continue reading Random…



I asked a wise man,” What my dear is true happiness? How can I find it? Is there a race I must run? A sacrifice I must make to a god? Tell me, tell me.” He laughed and took me to the top of a mountain ” Look around you. View the world. What do you see?” I saw a child with little to eat, rags stood between him and the piercing cold. Yet the little he received he was grateful for and his smile was bright enough to lighten a dark day. He was happy. Then the wise man drew me to the north and I saw a girl with all that life could offer yet she did not appreciate it. No smile crossed her face and she was lonely, dwelling on the negatives and never appreciating what life had given her. It dawned on me that happiness can…

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