9 Questions a Black Woman Has for the Black People Who Have 27 Questions for Black People


Kinfolk, I thought we were family. Y’all ain’t really my people though, ’cause not one of y’all warned me of the unadulterated Sambocity that is the BuzzFeed video “27 Questions Black People Have for Black People.” I saw the video all up and down my timeline, but I was at work, so I said, “Not today, white Jesus.” Then I almost clicked, but I said, “You won’t get me, liberal racist ass BuzzFeed.” Then I finally clicked, and I said, “Not today, Coon Consortium.”

If you dare, partake in this blackface with black faces:

So I now have some questions for Massa’s MVPs these black people:

1. Daysha, is that you? How soon we forget? Didn’t BuzzFeed just have you looking like a young Lil’ Richard in front of the world when a white girl did your makeup? You may have tried to bury that memory, but the internet sees…

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