Life is unfair,that is a fact not just an observation. We are all the same you know, but since we come from different spheres of life we now see each other as different. I saw a tweet on Twitter and it just broke my heart, shattered it to bits. I can’t remember word for word what the person said but it said how we should be careful when bargaining especially in the market, my fellow Nigerians would understand. I know that it’s a thing of pride when we get some good bargain in the market but then some people push it too far. We decide to look the other way or intentionally forget that these people selling meager food items use whatever they get to send their children to school and for their family upkeep. But, when we go to high-end shops we spend ridiculous amounts of money to buy shoes that we would wear only a couple of times so as not to be known with that piece. Now tell me who needs the money more? The woman with 5 children who barely eat three square means or that nasty sales person who criticizes your dressing and if your are deemed fit, they open the door for you as if it where their hard-earned money you would be spending and not yours. Like I said life is unfair. If we were to choose who we could be then there would be no demarcation between the rich and poor unfortunately; we do not pick so we deal with what we get. It’s no news that hard work pays its also not news that some people are privileged and have the comfort of knowing that they never have to work a day in their life and still live like a king.  Sadly, I know that when it comes to a different class of people no matter how hard they work, it still yields nothing. When I see these youngins on tv living the dream and see children hawking it just seems hits me at the stark contrast in this world.

What if that boy hawking on the street was born into another family? What if that silly child whose part of a teenage show called “why I hate school” was born into a different family? The list is endless. When you look at the struggle that low-income earners go through in Nigeria it’s hard for me to feel sorry for victims of online bullying; it’s my honest opinion. When I see my mate who is a cleaner at a hospital because they cannot afford higher education, how can I think of Cecil the lion? They are more pressing issues in this world and I wish I could do anything to ease the sufferings of people in this situation. The lab scientist where I work was telling me how she would love to do her master’s in forensic science because that’s what her passion but she cannot afford that luxury due to her financial situation. This young woman is an extremely hardworking woman, the short time I spent with her, I was amazed at her diligence.It doesn’t change that when parents send their children abroad so they can get the educational experience they were not opportune to have you see these children amounting to nothing, not grabbing their privilege with all that they have and to make their parents proud.

I’m not judging anyone, I know I’m also a privileged child in my way and I just felt the need to point out that you need to appreciate whatever you have because there is always someone going through worse. Before I forget the Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner thing is one of the saddest disgusting sob story I’ve ever heard. The he-she is being called a hero?????? Because of what??? Spending ridiculous amount of money on surgery because he-she has never felt comfortable in he-she skin. I cannot even comprehend it. A single mother will wake up around 4am to prepare food that she’s selling because without that her 7 children would starve, is she given any time to ponder about how she feels in her skin? This is an issue for another day. My point is that life sucks but you gotta keep going no matter what. I’ve been in situations where I just want to say fuck it all but I can’t. When you think that you’ve reached your lowest know that you can rise from that pit. Despite life’s unfairness and cruelty you’ve got to make the best of it. Xx


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