We all know the struggle of buying GB in Nigeria, you buy 4.5G which is supposed to last for a month but finishes in two weeks. Okay, maybe it’s just me but I don’t think so, please you know my struggle. Finally, I went on twitter cruised through my TL and before I was about to log off rather turn off my cellular data, I checked my DM and guess what a message was waiting for me, (Dancing smiley). You would say this was just a random message everyone gets them well not me because I’m not active on twitter like at all so it was a surprise and since I came back to Naij my life had been a bore, absolutely boring. Anyways it was a harmless “Hi” from this random guy and it turned out that he sent that two days ago, so I replied with a “sorry, I’m just seeing this. Hey there”. Two days later, which seemed to be a trend that I would check my twitter every two days, a message from Mr. Random “What’s up? Sorry for the late reply and as luck would have it, he was online ;). And so it started… It wasn’t hard to talk to him at all, our conversations flowed like smooth honey. He used to school in England but was transferring to a school in Canada and yes you guessed it; my school. Was this fate? Turns out we attended the same primary school (middle school for those of you who don’t know what primary school is) and he lived close to me. ????? Get this, no one lives in Festac, not majority of my friends, this meant that I had to know more of this handsome bobo a little summer fun for me, maybe? As I got to know him, I was liking where our conversation was going, he asked me all the right questions, questions that showed me he was really interested. Excuse me, I forgot a major detail; my twitter bio goes like; love is a word so exhausted, I wish it meant something to me, and Mr. Random was hell bent on proving me wrong. I think maybe that’s what attracted me to him and his body of course ;). Back to the main story, this guy had a way with words like I cannot even begin to explain, he was the right amount of cocky and sweet, he knew when to insert jokes both the funny and dry ones. I began to look forward to his messages every day. Next thing led to another, we added each other on WhatsApp and kaboom talking to him became a daily ritual. You know how girls say oh I don’t need a guy to tell me I’m beautiful, sexy, smart and all that, I’m in support of that but once in a while, it’s still a nice feeling hearing it from a guy.

This was when I began to get skeptical of this guy, (I think I’ll stick to calling him Mr. Random and bobo) not skeptical but very cautious. What was his end goal? Not so long after we started talking, he hinted that he liked me, “you are so beautiful, it would mean the world if you became mine, what I would do… blah blah blah. It was like he knew what I needed to hear which made me all the more cautious. I would tell him that this was going too fast for me but he insisted that there was a connection and I couldn’t deny this fact. Another quality of our sweet tongued bobo was that he took his time to read my blog ( bless his heart), he also loved to read, he was fluent in French, he runs track, he watched the same shows that I did and we share this love for anime. Slowly but surely, I was getting hooked on him. Every morning, I woke up to a text that looked like this “Morning beautiful, I hope you had a wonderful night. I woke up today knowing that I had something to look forward to.” It’s not every day that you wake up to messages like that and I liked it, if I’m being honest but I was still skeptical. I told him this; that not too long ago, I had a similar experience with a guy and he turned out to be a fucking farce. Liar. I have a problem when it comes to believing what comes out from a guy’s mouth, not because I’m insecure far from it, I know that I’m a hot spice, beautiful, sexy and it would be a fucking honor for you to have me. It’s that boys of my generation do not want the same things that I seem to want, it’s like they are on a mission to bang any moving thing. I’m not judging anyone, all I ask is that you be upfront about your intentions. Due to this questions plaguing me, I had to be sure of what this bobo wanted and I let him know it.

Before I came back to Naij, I had plans to see my ex when I came back, we aren’t the kill each other type, and we are very amicable actually so we were willing to see how things went when we both came back. Here’s the thing, I made it known to him that I wasn’t exclusively his yet, that if I met someone then nothing would happen between us and I met Mr. Random. The thing is that I have history with my ex, I’ve known him for 6 years and we went out for two years, we split only because we were going different places and long distance is not my thing at all. I’m letting you know this so you know that even though things started as summer fun for me and this bobo, he wanted more and it turns out I did too. So I let it happen, I let him in. Fuck me. I fall hard and that is my biggest problem under my cold persona I’m a big softie and I let him in. Again. It’s just things aren’t the same anymore. No good morning texts anymore. The first time I met him, he was all like you’re so damn beautiful, you’re more than I imagined. Two days ago, I saw him again and he didn’t say one nice thing to me, he wasn’t mean at all he just wasn’t sweet as usual. Anyways, He made me laugh and I loved spending the day with him. I’m still seeing where this goes…

nicki quote

Two weeks later…

I would be lying if I said I didn’t see this coming, maybe not this soon but I knew it would come sooner or later. You know, nothing good comes easy and everything was too sweet with this guy so I guess this is the bitter pill. Calling me stupid would not be justice enough, you’d think that after all the books I read and stories I’ve heard that I wouldn’t make such a mistake. But, it’s still a lesson either way. I asked for the same attention he gave me at the beginning but that was just too much for him, I asked to be listened to; he said he had other things on his mind, I made it known that I was here and he could talk to me anytime but he turned me down, finally I asked for space to rethink things and he let go. He didn’t even bother to put on a fake façade just to be nice, he just let go.

That was the shortest relationship I had ever had ( I don’t know if it classifies as one but oh well) and I learnt a whole lot from it. I’m not sad or gloomy or depressed. Insulted would be the perfect word, I felt insulted but that’s all in the past now. I hope you didn’t expect any big speech about how I became a stronger person from all this, take what you want from it. Life still goes on…


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