Three Things I learnt In 2014


If anything, I learnt that trusting in yourself is all that matters  although you might not always get the results you want. I’ve always been the type of person to seriously doubt my instincts, like really doubt them. Whenever I would buy a dress, I would always say I should have bought the other one or that other one or when I would write a piece, I would say you should have written it like Jane did. I never used to trust myself because I thought I could never make the right call or decision. However, when I entered college in September, that all changed. I became responsible for everything, I realized that I couldn’t continue to doubt myself in everything that i did, I only had myself to trust in this sea of strangers. I’m not against trusting in other people but if you don’t trust yourself  first, then you really cannot trust anyone. When it comes to making decisions, you are the best judge of that, it is always good to sought advice from friends but in the end you must take that advice and evaluate it but still you are in the driver seat of your life. Trust yourself, you are responsible for every action in your life so why make sure you follow your gut. 


You will never get what you expect all the time. That is a FACT!!!

This is why; I know that I know BIOLOGY, not to brag or anything but Biology has never been a problem for me, I love that subject with my entire being, only if I knew what lay ahead for me. BIO120 took me by surprise, out of nowhere it just usurped my life. I didn’t understand what my prof was talking about, what does Hadley and Ferrell cell have to do with biology?I hated that i didn’t know what my prof was teaching, I sought help from upper year students, went for tutorials, extra help sessions and still little improvement. When I saw my result for the first mid-term, I went into a mini cardiac arrest, I’m not joking here, I almost died (a little exaggeration won’t hurt anyone). I had failed woefully, the only thing that saved me was that the whole class had failed, at least I wasn’t alone, but it still hurt. I was a biology genius and I wasn’t even prepared for that kind of failure. However, in the other half of the course I did so much better, there was still room for improvement. The long and short of my story is that life will kick you in  the balls and laugh straight in your face. You need to have the strength to stand back up and tell life to bring it on.


I lost my wallet on the subway such a klutz eh? I bawled my eyes out, said terrible things to myself, I sacred the shit out of my roommate. This was on a weekend, the next Monday, the church called me that a random person found my wallet and brought it to school. WHAT!!!!???? It was a fucking miracle, so yes, I believe in God 5500%. He’s the only one I can count on no matter the situation . When everything fails, he doesn’t.


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