Imaginations can be cruel too.

Do you ever have that feeling that comes out of nowhere that you can do something totally unexpected.Like when you finish reading a really good book or when you finish watching an amazing movie and then you have this effervescent joy threatening to burst from within you. That feeling is indescribable. It’s like you can do absolutely anything in that moment, nothing seems impossible because your imagining all these great things in your head. You walk around with a grin plastered on your face and nod at anyone who passes you by without actually acknowledging their presence. You want to preserve this moment; it doesn’t come often so you reverence that feeling. Who knows when it might just evaporate into nothingness. I would take out my laptop and open a word document and start writing without actually knowing what I’m putting down, it’s all in my head and i expect that is how it would play out. I mean I could see it clearly and I was doing it, the things I wouldn’t do on a normal day. So I just keep typing away because who knows what might happen when the keys stop clicking. So I click away. I’m in med school at the moment and I finally decide my specialty and the feeling is amazing.  Suddenly I’m in an island where the blue waters surround me, the sky a mellow yellow orb that reminds me of a golden orange. I hear laughter and that’s when i realize that i’m surrounded with the people I love and this where I want to be forever. My fingers begin to slack and I know that the moment is slowly coming to an end but still I urge my fingers to go on. In the end you wake up from your imaginations, and you are faced with this cruel world where imaginations are dampened by the unjust and cruelty in the world. You feel guilty for trying to escape reality and slip into oblivion but it’s there like an itch always a painful remainder of something that is yet not within your reach. 


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