A very pissed girl.

So I walk into 7 eleven after an intense and vigorous workout on a sunny and beautiful day, looking for something to chew on but still not sure what to eat. After what seemed like a long time of looking at food labels to see which had the least calories, I picked up a banana bread and walked up to the counter to pay. At the counter,I saw chocolate mini doughnuts so I decided to get that instead of the banana bread. With a huge sigh, I walked back to put the banana bread back and when I brought out my purse to pay for the doughnuts you wouldn’t believe what happened. The old haggard looking lady(ok!! she wasn’t haggard looking but please allow me, I am pissed) asked what I did with the banana bread???? Like seriously??? what age are we in??? She asked me with a tight lipped smile and a knowing meaning. “You’re black ,I hope you didn’t steal it”. I was short of words that this was still happening at this day and age. I looked at my friend and she gave me a smile just shrugged “she’s not worth it”. In my head, I was going to tell her how stupid and backward she was and stomp out of the store but I was really tired. There was no fight in me. It doesn’t mean that I wasn’t pissed because I truly was. This is actually the first issue of racism I have encountered in Canada. Coincidentally, I am reading Americannah by Chimamanda which talks a lot about racism which might be what prompted me to notice what happened today at the store. Usually, I would have passed it as nothing but it wasn’t. It was a statement to me that no matter how small there is always going to be the issue of racism, lurking in the shadows looking for who to victimize. She wasn’t even Caucasian, I think she was Filipino :/ 


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