Social Networks.

I just read a book by John Green ” The Fault In Our Stars”. The book  is ridiculously amazing. It was beautifully and sophisticatedly written. The use of metaphor in the book threw me off. I was literally blown away. I really want to meet John Green and a sit-down with him. Anyways, the book got me thinking about the mundane things of this world and how much power we ascertain to them. No really, it’s quite fascinating, Globalization is gradually killing our brains and our point of views have been greatly clouded. We have twitter, facebook, whatsapp, texting, snapchat, path, instagram. You don’t even want to know. My main focus is Instagram. Just the day before I was lying down on my bed and pondering about my life. It got me thinking about how much attention I give to Instagram these days. I was baffled. Last year, before i joined Instagram I always berated people who used it. But what an Irony. I am in the same position. I spend so much time trying to make my pictures look good so I can get as much likes as possible. But really what’s the whole point? So what your picture had 456 likes? So what my picture has 100 likes?SO WHAT?? The incessant attention and focus that we teenagers pay to instagram is getting absurd. It so sad. The amount of editing and photoshop that is done on a picture cannot be justified. I am part of this nonsensical movement. Teenagers are getting more and more insecure due Instagram. If it were possible, I would start a protest. But alas, Instagram is not always bad, there are some pictures that are stupefying. That is what instagram was meant for. Not this moronic idea of what we are turning it into. Of course not everyone thinks about Instagram like that but this is just my point of view. xx I would love a feedback about this issue.


3 thoughts on “Social Networks.

  1. pejasmine697 says:

    I feel like the whole concept of Instagram preys on our innate needs to be appreciated and for our existences to be somehow validated.
    Maybe sometimes, we just need to take a step back and remember that it’s just Instagram and that we’re all beautiful to somebody. Haha. We’re all victims. xo

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