By 8:30 am we headed to the kitchen for breakfast, we ate and silently wondered what we were going to encounter throughout the day… Immediately after we were done with our breakfast, Mr B told us our schedule of the day and gave up a bit of time to relax because we had tedious work ahead of us.

We all chilled out in the common lounge and tried to picture what the staff and our teachers planned out for us. Around 10:00, we headed out back to the kitchen to begin our leadership training. Mr B is such an amazing man, he told us so much that I don’t know where to begin and where to end. Mr B made us realize or opened our eyes to what true leadership meant. He made us search ourselves and remove all negative thoughts that harbored in us. Self-doubt isn’t an option anymore for me. We got to know each other better through some activities that Mr B put us through. But, that was just the beginning. 

As noon drew nearer, all the students and teachers headed out to the high ropes course, the wall climbing and the low ropes course. We were split into three groups. A Zajac ranch staff, helped us into our climbing gear and we were prepped on the rules of the activity courses. Helmets must be worn at all times and the whole lot…

This was were our willpower and determination was put to test. I was in group 3 and we had to go on the wall climbing first. OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!!! That was all I could think about. My brain turned to mush, i’m not scared of heights I just didn’t see myself climbing the wall..  The boys in our group went and I volunteered to be the first girl. I was calm by now because the boys didn’t take time in climbing so I figured it wasn’t going to be all that . Why was I making such a fuss? I went on and began climbing, I was impressed with myself till I got stuck. Yes I did. I couldn’t move, my limbs were actually frozen. I don’t know if it was fear or the cold. But, I kept trying and trying and managed to go half of the wall till I practically had no energy left and sadly had to let go. At that moment, I felt like a total loser but Mr Chiu made me understand that the most important part was how I never stopped trying till I was physically exerted. I guess that that is what counts to say the least… The low ropes course tested  out teamwork abilities, it consisted of mostly activities that relied on the team and not the individual. 


Whew, it was quite tiring. We had dinner and then gathered in the kitchen to hear what Mr B had prepared for us. I wasn’t prepared for what hit me. Mr. B made us write down our values and then cross them out. You wouldn’t be able to understand the gravity of what that activity entailed. It was petty much the highlight of the trip for me up till then. He made us realize that material possessions will always go but people will always  be there. You should know where your values lie.


The whole group gathered around the nice fire and we played charades, my group won of course  :p then we told camp fire stories and listened to music. Don Dyu entertained us with his unique and amazing dancing skills. I even got to showcase my singing to the group 😀 , It was such a nice way to end the cold and dreary night… 



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