Well… We all left school around 3:40pm on the 17th day of October 2013. We wee all agitated well I don’t know about everyone but I sure was. The journey which was supposed to last for and hour or so lasted for close to three hours. I got to see new parts of Canada I hadn’t yet gotten to explore. As we were approaching our destination something ridiculously funny happened. A major case of the peeing syndrome infected at least 5 girls. It was soo bad, we couldn’t even laugh which made the whole situation even funnier. But, finally we arrived the Zajac Ranch. WOOOOOOOW!!!! That was my reaction, because it was the total opposite of what I was expecting. The scenery was just amazing and the fog which was gloating quietly over the trees just made the whole scene picturesque. After taking a moment to admire the place, I suddenly remembered that I had the pressing pee syndrome. Trust me, I took care of that problem ASAP.

We were shown our Cabins and given a little tour of the Ranch but couldn’t get to actually finish because most of us were tired and it was pretty cold. After settling into our rooms, we came to the kitchen and had lunch. Everyone was pretty pumped up so we and our amazing teachers go to play a history game before a brief introduction of our purpose of being here. The game was insanely funny. Ms Ball couldn’t come up with any history question and Mr Chiu had the major task of coming up with most of the questions.Finally, dear Ms.Ball actually came up with some good questions. It was a nice way to relax.

Around 7:30pm we headed to the kitchen to listen to a little talk that Mr Chiu had prepared for us about leadership which is the main reason of being here. Guess what?? It wasn’t all talk, we played games which made up most of what Mr Chiu had prepared for us. I learnt that in order to be a leader, you have to be able to communicate. Communication is the first part of being a leader. Without communication you wouldn’t be able to get your message across. I bet that you’ve come across a situation were you weren’t able to convey your message. Yeah, it’s frustrating. Mr Chiu made me understand that we are all leaders. Each and every one of us have a unique method or style of leadership. We are born leaders. People get to come out of their shells and embrace the leader in them while some others hide away from being a leader due to insecurities and lack of confidence.

  If I can remember clearly cause by now I was worn out, we all gathered in the lounge and chilled out into the wee hours of the day… 

New memories were created…



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