That yucky thing.

I really do not understand Love. Like what is it? I’m totally confused.

I heard it’s supposed to be a beautiful thing. Apparently it’s a bubble of happiness. It’s the best feeling in the world. But, to be honest I have never felt that way about someone. Well, I love some of my friends and obviously my siblings. I’m talking about the yucky thing between two people who are romantically involved. Well I just had to say that so you know understand that I’m not totally devoid of feelings.

So please can someone explain like in layman terms what love is? It perplexes me whenever I hear all about love. I simply cannot comprehend the logic. How can you love someone and still hurt them at the same time. Love is just too ambiguous and complex for my simple mind.  I’m a sucker for romance but I just think that it’s not real. I’m not trying to be cynical here just honest. 

I admit to having felt something for someone but I don’t think it’s love. I really don’t. I cannot die for someone. As simple as that. I cannot say I love someone and still betray them. That is why I do not believe in love. I recently came to this understanding just now. Like right now. I’m quite green-eyed of my friends who tell me how they love this person and that person. But deep inside I do not think they know exactly what they are saying. If they feel it’s love then maybe it is., just not for me though.

When you come to think of it, Love might actually exist. because if not how come there’s all these songs about love and movies and books. It’s worse in the movies. They make it look so beautiful and endearing. I truly love romance movies but I know it’s just make believe. Whenever I see all these heart breaking quotes about love I get sick. Gut wrenching sick.

Maybe because I’m yet to feel what everyone is feeling. I’m sure that I might never even find the almighty love. I just want to be happy, Maybe that’s my own type of love.

Love.Love. Love.



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