The war has come and gone

The people are scarred

Nothing is the same anymore

The weak are shattered

There is no hope for them.


There are some who…

Who refuse to be beaten down?

This is the question lingering in the minds of my people

Who shall take the lead?

Who will rebuild?

Who will show strength?

If there is just one


We are still hopeful.


A time has come to rebuild

To gather, to prepare

For the unknown is unclear

What does the future hold?

There is one—

Whose strength shall prevail?

Who will break boundaries?

Who will defy gravity?


The strength of one,

Is the strength of all

For all we need is just one-

To release these chains that bound us

Change cannot be too far now

For our strength is slowly building

It seems we are benign

But fire and brimstone shall rain


Strength in thousands

We are unstoppable

We are a new people.


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