I’m new here,this place is foreign

looks as a place i would want to know,

vast land and waters spread before me

of unimagineable beauty.

Three legged creatures surround me

animals or so I think; talk.

Trees of a thousand feet and more,

where is this?




I’m wandering the forests now,

in search of anything to sustain me.

This place draws me,the attreaction is undeniable.


I keep moving deeper and deeper,


fatigue is foreign to me because I have never felt this exuberant and anxious

I still don’t know what I’m looking for

so I go deeper.


Oblivious to the creatures peeking out  at me

the attraction was stronger if that was even possible

suddenly a wave of nauesa hits me followed by a pump of adrenaline

the nausea dissaper as fast as it came,

next came fear.


Where am i ask in my subconscious ?

still my curious mind gets the best of me

so further in I’m drawn by the unknown.


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