I Chose to Change.

I was always known as the” SHY”,cute,smart little girl.
So ask me why SHY is in capital letters….
This is why…

Ever since I was a little girl,I was always shy.
I don’t actually know why. Maybe because my self esteem is as low as anything else.
At school,I was always scared to answer questions. Friends were scarce. No one wanted to talk to the LONER ,little did they know how I was battling with my situation.

I shied away from responsibilities or any form of leadership. One day in class I was made the class prefect and I thought this was the end. Everyone came to meet me for their books and time and all the stuff that the prefect does. You can only imagine how terrified I was. My teacher saw how scared I was and kindly took the post from me he immediately became my best teacher ,because he saw what everyone chose to ignore. So yes I also turned down a prefect position in year6. I had few friends. But none of them really knew me.

High School…..
Well you can just imagine my story. Little did I know that I was going to CHANGE.
My year 7 was spent in an all girls school. I actually forced my mum to take me there, I think I had a phobia for boys. My self esteem wasn’t helping at all.
So I settled down quite well in my school. I still wasn’t the chatterbox but at least I could answer questions in class without my heart threatening to tear out from my chest. I was still quiet,minding my own business and talking to people when I was required to. So my year7 went by without so much drama. Just a few here and there as expected. Then BAM!!!!! My parents told me that I was changing school!!!!!! Come on!!!!! What were they thinking ????? I had finally settled and now they we’re going to alter my world. That summer ,I was just anticipating what I was going to do and the worst part was that it was a mixed school.

Breathe, breathe,breathe.
That was I kept telling myself if not I swear I would have fainted.
My first day of school went horrible as I expected. I had my hair cut in my other school so I had to start growing my hair again. My new school was horrible and that day I was so angry at my parents for doing this to me.
You know how all this rich girls snob a new person well I had it worse. My shoes were bigger than me my pinafore didn’t suit me well and my hair was just icing on the cake
I was the topic of everyone’s conversation. Everywhere I went in school there were whispers.

I’m smart which made matters worse. No one wanted me to steal their “spot”. Then there was “THE GIRLS”
How I envied them. They were four in number,they ate at the same table and did the same hairstyles.
Everyone wanted to be their friend. The boys wanted to go out with them just to be able to brag that he went out with one of “THE. GIRLS”, girls wanted to please them and have their approval. I always felt like I was watching a movie. The whole setting was quite funny.
Boys were still a no go area for me.

My whole junior school passed by without me having any friends. Okay I had friends but …….
Friendship is overrated

The summer I was to begin senior school. I put my foot down.
This had to stop!!!! My shyness had ruined my life up till this point. All the opportunities I let pass.
The friendship I could have fought for. That summer I knew that I wasn’t going to be the same. My parents were shocked. I changed my wardrobe,got rid of all my drab clothes. I was going to take my school by surprise.
It was like my alter ego took over me. That shy girl was no where else to be found. I can’t quite write all that happened. It would be such a bore.

I fought my inner demons. It was an easy journey but it took 14 years of my life to fight. I decided to Change.
I saw how beautiful and funny I really am.

Well Boys……
I had them begging. I took my school by storm. “THE GIRLS wanted me in their clique. Everyone wanted to be my friend. It puzzles me how people are affected by the superficial. Who am I to complain? No one asked what happened, no one cared.

All this taught me that you are your own person when all fails you only have yourself. I’m still that shy girl inside but not to anyone only to myself.

Everything happens for a reason. I’m sure I can look back and laugh at myself. God Bless my parents for changing my school. And last of all. L♥√ع who you are. Be you an introvert or extrovert,recluse or chatterbox or whatever.

The story is a work of fiction.


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