Yes!!!! We still exist . Girls who don’t go partying every weekend or do drugs and are not full of drama. A big shoutout to us out there.

Girls who know what they want,girls who don’t let boys define them. Girls with a future. I’m so proud of y’all .

Many may think us old fashioned because we still believe in romance, courting and letter writing <3.
I mean isn't it soo much better to meet a boy in reality than getting boyfriend from twitter or facebook without really knowing them.

Girls please raise your standards. If a guy can't deal with the fact that you don't like drinking or smoking then to hell with him. HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU!!!

We are not trophies to be won. We are humans with feeling . We should be cherished,pampered, spoilt with gifts. Yes, there are still guys who are looking for you, no need to show your boobs or ass before you get a guy.

I'm not trying to judge anyone .

It's just the way girls display their boobs and ass just to get attention is becoming wayy too much

Feel free to do what you want,just keep in mind that the way you potray yourself is also the way you attract those kind of guys. Boys are not stoopid after using you there's always that girl that has their heart. So ask yourself "which one do you want to be?"


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