Most of us are used.to judging on first impressions.     I DO THAT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve realized that it’s one of my many bad habits which I’m trying to curb .

Many of us have judged people based on their appearance without knowing what’s on the inside. I’m not only talking about beauty, I’m also talking about dressing and personality.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what made them the way they are? Do you ever imagine or even try to picture what they’ve been through? Each and everyone of us have our own story;some good some bad some both.

I’m guilty of this, if you’re not facially attractive in my mind I would have already set a boundary for you without bothering to know the real person inside . If anything I’ve learnt my mistake. I’ve stopped judging on appearance and I learnt this the hard way. Someone might not be beautiful on the outside but is on the inside and believe me I don’t believe the saying that pretty people usually have bad personalities. Please it’s not always that way it’s also the other way around. I’ve met people who have the most alluring and endearing personalities but are afraid to show it. Instead they put on this gruff and unfriendly exterior just as a means to protect themselves.

So before you open your mouth to judge someone . OBSERVE! If you can’t do that,kindly shut up.


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