We all have Dreams. I don’t mean the dreams you get when you go to sleep. I mean those Dreams that keep us going,that thing that we all aspire for individually,that thing that makes you endure all the harsh things life has to offer, that thing that makes you look forward to the next day. Yes! that thing whatever it is,is your dream.

I have a dream….

Do you have a dream?

As individuals we all have different things we all aspire to have and become in the nearest future. Some people find it difficult to think their dream ;it’s there in their mind right there but they are too scared to reach it and make it come true,this might be because of the circumstances they find themselves in;say a divorced home,bad environment,insufficient funds and the list goes on while on the other hand people who are in are in the same dire circumstance make it their goal or dream to beat it, it becomes their life mission to defy their circumstance which if the let be will taint them for life. Just so you see how funny life is. A rich kid,who has never seen hardship ,who has never had to work for something or shoulder any responsibility ,he or she doesn’t know their good fortune. My mom has this saying “being rich is not a right,it’s a privilege”. Do not misuse that privilege someone out there is dying for it.

We are all created by the same God. Though we may have different colours and different cultures and traditions ,we are all the same.

I dream a dream for my country Nigeria, that a day will come and we shall boast of stable power supply,good roads,job opportunities for graduating students. I dream a dream where people come to Nigeria to study. I dream a dream where Nigeria will be a force to reckon with. I dream a dream for Nigeria where Malaria has been wiped out. I dream a dream where residents of this country will be able to go to sleep without fear of being robbed. I dream a dream where Nigeria will be one of the best countries in the world.

Hear me when I say: YOU DEFINE YOURSELF!!! SUCCESS ,PERSISTENCE and DETERMINATION will get you there. No matter how impossible your dream is you can achieve it .

Don’t let anyone pull you down, reach for the moon and if you don’t get there you’ll land among the stars!

Ben Carson made it so can I and so can you.
You are at the bottom doesn’t mean that is where you’ll be forever unless you decide it to be.

Do not be afraid to dream.

SCREAM OUT LOUD and say “I have a dream!!!”


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