LOVE……….what does that word even mean? I’ve heard millions of different definitions,some good some bad while some are just discouraging. My opinion is very very ambiguous and trite cause to be honest if you ask me I honestly can’t say . If I’m to judge on my experience. Lord you’ll think I’m a sadist that’s why I’m going to keep my opinion on this subject to myself. According to all the romance novels I read. L♥√ع is beautiful,caring,sinful,sexy,not jealous,not selfish ,I could go on and on but you get what I’m saying. Wait a minute! Do the books really tell us the reality or is it just an escape out of reality,out of the truth? because L♥√ع is also ugly and painful ,it could be the best thing or the worst thing to ever happen to you. I myself do not believe in happy ever afters .I’ve been in L♥√ع it’s painful,pointless and overrated- Damon Salvatore, that is just his opinion . Here’s someone else’s opinion – (my opinion) L♥√ع is what you decide it to be ,if you decide for it to suck and hurt that’s what it’ll do if you decide for it to be beautiful and amazing that’s what it’ll do. L♥√ع is what we choose it to be,no matter how many times you’ve been hurt there’s still someone out there and trust me it sucks to have your heart broken,to be let down,disappointed,lied to,cheated on. It truly is the worst feeling ever. So…not to be biased here. L♥√ع also has it perks. It is the most wonderful feeling ever to L♥√ع someone and be loved back ,words cannot explain or describe that feeling. Finally , L♥√ع does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. L♥√ع is a battle,L♥√ع is a war;L♥√ع is growing up.


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