I’m all alone in my little world with no one to talk and gossip with,no one to joke around with,no one to share my burdens with. No one

I wander the streets like a chicken in search for food, I look around and keep waiting ,I keep waiting to see if anyone would come to my aid and help me because I’m drowning in this place called Life, still no one.

I guess I’m oblivious to everyone around me,no matter how hard I try to be noticed its like I’m a little fish in the ocean ,I’m tired of living in this emotionless and wicked world where no one seems to care at all.

No one.

Life has been striped of its garments and is now clothed by those who have the means to, life’s garments has long been shredded into pieces, It is a shadow of it’s former self.

I have decided that alone I walk this miserable desert alone I shall become great and then I will be noticed be it by choice or not. Then the world will regain its past glory because of me ,YES!!!!

I won’t forget the memories that brought me this far, they are what made me. My lonely times shall forever hold a place in my heart.


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