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Chocolate Flavoured Girl


At this unholy hour of the night, I wonder who hears me speak. At this time when the world bids its’ loved ones goodnight, I wonder who shares my thoughts. Someone? Anyone? Everyone? No one. My deepest fear…that I would be lone wolf, the soloist on the violin, tugging apathetically at the strings of life.

The world whooshes by, the days speed past me; I am unaware of the season nor the date nor the time. Salt has no taste in my mouth; neither do the issues of life. I feel motion; regression. I see value; depreciation. I weigh standards; reduction.

Everyone is in a hurry to get nowhere, willing to compromise to attain nothing. Who stops to smell the roses? Emotions are for the weak. Well where have all the failed attempts at being strong gotten us? But then again can you blame us?

We have been forsaken by…

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