She always thought about the day she could finally scream out loud “I AM FREE”. That day was what kept her going,nothing in her life seemed to matter to her. All the wealth she aquired over the years meant nothing with no family to share with. Her manager’s voice brought her out of her sub-conscious back into reality.

She was getting fed-up with pretending like she cared about her fans or her boyfriend ,it all seemed like a cage to her.

Back to her sub-conscious ,she thought to her self how messed up her life was. The day Garret left her was the day her life ended. She put all she had into her work. Her social life was a total fiasco. Her boyfriend was for publicity. How long am i going to continue this way? Garret had moved on ,she had no doubt with that after seeing recently in the tabloids him and his beautiful blue-eyed wife.

I have to quit wallowing in self pity she thought to herself.

She woke up from that dream with a clearer view of what she now wanted her life to be. At the airport she smiled to herself because she knew what she had decided was the best thing for her.

Leaving behind her sham of a life .Sharon never felt so much euphoria and anxiety of what she had decided. She didn’t even want to think about the repercussions of her decision . She just basked in the moment that exact moment when she finally had the courage and bravado to shout at the top of her voice, as long as her lungs could hold “I AM FREE”


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