My heart weeps when I see a picture like this. I wonder if these children did anything wrong ? no child deserves to look like this. I recently watched the BIAFRAN WAR IN NIGERIA. It was horrifying. Mothers were eating their children ,little children were left to cater on their own. Malnutrition was a way of living. I saw children with huge heads,tiny necks, potruding bellies,swollen ankles and feet. I wonder when these children last saw food to eat or water to drink. I imagine how much celebrities spend on their clothes and my heart weeps . My anger cannot be controlled. Something should be done in Africa. Civilization hasn’t gotten to most parts of the continent yet we have 3D television. Help these helpless souls in anyway you can.

This situation is nowhere near being stopped. If you walk the streets of most African countries perhaps you’ll be able to understand me more.

Malnourished Children roam the streets with their wares on their head probably a tray and few oranges in it or “pure water” as its fondly called in Nigeria to be specific.

I urge you to speak for these children. We are their voices!!!!


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