Let’s not lie to ourselves here,there has been a time when you felt fat or ugly ,you get what i mean. I have there’s no need lying it doesn’t mean you have a low self esteem .NO! it’s quite normal. We all can’t be Beyonce or Kim K or Halle B or J Lo. We are who we are. be proud of it. Fvck what people say. You can never please society . She’s to fat, she’s to skinny,she got massive boobs,her booty doesn’t suit her .I could go on and on and not get tired .society will always have something negative to say about you,if it’s not your looks then it’s your attitude or personality or where you come from. Whoever tries to please society has got it all wrong because they’ll die trying and that won’t man they did. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL… SKINNY OR FAT OR THICK …Deep inside each and everyone of us there’s something amazing. Don’t try being perfect. NO ONE IS!!!!


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