If life has taught me anything it’s that your past doesn’t define your future. We decide on what we want. If you want your past not to remain in the past you just have to keep doing what you’re doing. Now, if you want don’t want your past to define you ,you just have to say it then act on it.

‘ Learn from yesterday,live for today,hope for tomorrow”.

We keep planning on what we wanna be in the future without any guarantee that we are actually gonna see that future. That’s HOPE for you. Let your yesterday be your yesterday. If you made a bad choice in your past ,it doesn’t mean it should scar you.You have to take it as a lesson. Your present is what you should focus on,it leads to your future. The past will only be a drawback if you decide to dwell on it. I’ve made some pretty godawful mistakes that i never thought I could recover from but after having a talk with my counselor ,I started to view things differently. Don’t let your past define you. You’re bigger than that.


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